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Front Line Assembly creates soundtrack for AirMech video gameFront Line Assembly has signed on with Carbon Games to score an original album for their game AirMech. The album will be packaged with exclusive in-game content consisting of FLA band member pilots and a limited edition AirMech designed with input from the band.
“FLA is at it’s heart a true indie spirit band, and Carbon’s story of how and why we are making AirMech as an independent game developer really struck a chord with them and opened the door to serious discussions about how we could work together, ” said James Green, Carbon Games’ Game Director. “When they started asking about if they could be in the game and have some crazy sonic weapons, I knew it was the start of something really fun. I know we love hearing what they have come up with as much as they enjoy seeing the new stuff we add to the game.”
Front Line had previously created music for Quake III: Arena.


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