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Front 242 side projects announced for 2017
Pioneering Belgian electronic group Front 242’s celebration of its 35th anniversary continues with the release of two new limited releases featuring the work of band members in side projects begun prior to the formation of the group.
Überlastung (subtitled AIIHB0A0) is the first full-length release of Daniel Bressanutti’s solo project, Daniel B. Prothese. The 300 limited edition sets will include the 12-inch LP Spannung on clear orange vinyl, Unterbrechung on 7-inch clear green vinyl, and a digisleeve double CD. The vinyl and CD tracks are complementary, yet very different, with each song assigned to the format most suited to its sound; a seperate double CD of AIIHB0A0 will also be available. This first release focuses on minimal noise and sound manipulations recorded between 1995 and 2010 on mostly analog equipment. More albums are in the works, with each to explore a new style.
Patrick Codenys and vocalist Jean-Luc De Meyer’s project, Underviewer, will release its debut album Wonders & Monsters, to be presented as a limited vinyl edition of 300 with a bonus CD; a standalone CD will also be available. After a 30 year hiatus, Codenys and De Meyer rediscovered a dozen early four track recordings and filled the gaps using the same vintage machines as the originals, with only slight adaptations. The 14 songs have a timeless quality, with distinctive vocals and a modern production style, while remaining catchy and accessible.
Both releases in all variations are due out February 10, 2017, and are now available for pre-order through Storming the Base.
Front 242 says that the band isn’t quite done celebrating the milestone anniversary, and that more surprises will be announced soon!


Daniel B. Prothese – AIIHB0A0, Storming the Base 2CD
Daniel B. Prothese – Überlastung, Storming the Base Box Set
Underviewer – Wonders & Monsters, Storming the Base CD
Underviewer – Wonders & Monsters, Storming the Base Vinyl+CD


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