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Slowly revealing itself one single at a time over the course of the last year, The Seven Whores of the Apocalypse has announced the release of a new song just in time for the Halloween season. Citing inspiration from ’80s Berlin disco, “Magisterium” sees the Minneapolis group pushing further into its danceable brand of industrial soundscapes, the track wrought with rubbery analog bass and vintage synth passages, complemented by subtle and wispy vocals; describing the song as “where the area clergy finally break down and try on a pair of knee-highs spiked heels just to see what all the fuss is about,” the new single will also feature a “Radiance” version that sees the band exploring a mesh of tech-house and dub, drawing on the collective histories of the band members – Jason Herrboldt, Tom (Divider Line), and Chris Campbell (The Creeping Man) – all of which have made their marks in the Minneapolis experimental and industrial scene. The “Magisterium” single is due for release on October 28 and follows “A Poison Mind,” “Pathological,” and “Parasite.”


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