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35 years after its initial release, Xenophone International and the Yellow imprint have released a remastered edition of the self-titled solo album from Swedish electronic artist Lars Falk. Originally a member of Cosmic Overdose – later to be known as Twice a Man – with Dan Söderqvist and Karl Gasleben, and later contributing significantly to the band’s Music For Girls debut in 1982, Falk’s first album features Gasleben as co-producer, with backing vocals provided by Tinna Möller of Brand; the new edition was remastered by Falk and Gasleben, with plans to revisit more of Falk’s catalog, starting with the Through cassette album, originally released in 1983. The artist’s minimalist synthpop and new wave sound was heard on many dance floors throughout the ’80s, before he shifted his focus toward creating soundtracks for the Entropia online multiplayer video game. Since 2018, he has returned to his synthpop roots to release a series of digital singles. The remastered edition of Lars Falk is available now on Bandcamp. Most recently, his former Twice a Man band mates had released the Songs of Future Memories (1982-2022) anthology chronicling the band’s history via Dependent Records.


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