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Not only a veteran, Wolfgang Flür is practically royalty in the realm of electronic music having served for 15 years as the drummer for the legendary Kraftwerk during the band’s most widely regarded and influential period – from 1972 to 1987, he participated in the recording of such albums as Autobahn, Radio-Aktivität, Trans Europa Express, and Computer World. Now, he is collaborating with countrymen and fellow electronic music innovators U96 – the duo of Ingo Hauss and Hayo Lewerentz – on a new album; with Flür’s appearance on two tracks off U96’s 2018 Reboot album, the seeds were sown for further collaboration, culminating in Transhuman. Flür describes the album as “a stylistic mélange of our different histories,” with lyrical themese revolving around technology’s disruptive and transformative effects on both humanity and all planetary life; furthermore, Hauss explains that the songs don’t tell a classical story, but rather “articulate emotions and associations in very few words, bringing to mind recordings such as Radio-Aktivität, Autobahn , and Die Mensch-Maschine.” He also goes onto say that several melodies present on the record were created through fractal music and computer algorithms inspired by the electronics laboratories and musique concrete compositions that predate even Kraftwerk.
An updated rendition of “Zukunftsmusik (Radiophonique)” from the aforementioned Reboot, the title track “Transhuman” will be the album’s next and lead single and will also be presented as one of the band’s renowned experimental videos; as well, the song follows the early July release of “Let Yourself Go,” a pre-release single whose video starred a canine by the name of Peaches.

Album CoverTranshuman features 14 brand new tracks created from more than 40 fragmented ideas exchanged between Flür and U96 over the last two years; Lewerentz also indicates that an additional two tracks will be featured on Flür’s own Magazine album to appear later in the year. Transhuman is due for release on September 4 via Radikal Records; a limited double-vinyl edition is available to purchase via Diggers Factory, with 196 copies remaining as of the publication of thie article. “We’re hoping to do a few shows together next year,” Lewerentz comments, noting that there is great interest from promoters and audiences alike for the three musicians to share the stage.


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