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The duo of Peter Yates and Jo Beth Young have released the music video for “Where Are We Now,” the first single from the duo’s upcoming Splinters EP. Blending Yates’ signature guitars and atmospheric progressions with Young’s ethereal vocals, the track showcases the band’s cover of the David Bowie song from 2013’s The Next Day with the video utilizing footage of Young’s great grandfather – vaudeville artist Dandy George – performing onstage with his dog Rosie in 1927. Featuring five tracks, the Splinters EP will be released on September 27 via Yates’ Bandcamp.

Best remembered for his tenure as guitarist for goth/rock act Fields of the Nephilim, Peter Yates has become well known for his numerous collaborations, having appeared on the Black//Light//White//Dark album by Evi Vine released in February 2019; he and Vine have also released an EP in 2010, the Setlist EP in 2017, and three additional singles in 2017 and 2018. Jo Beth Young released her first RISE album (as Talitha Rise) in 2018 on Coven Tree Records, titled An Abandoned Orchid House. Yates and Young’s Splinters EP follows up on 2017’s No Country For Old Men by Yates and Delany, on which Young performed as a guest; similarly, Yates appears on several tracks on Strangers, the upcoming album by Young’s RISE due for release on October 18 via Wise Queen Records.


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