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More than 20 years since the German electro/industrial act’s last physical release, Forma Tadre has announced a new album to be available in both digital and CD formats, titled Geiger’s Day. With its themes revolving around a dystopian future in which a lone protagonist must traverse the mechanized ruins of civilization, Forma Tadre founder Andreas Meyer first began work on the album following 1998’s Automate, with its 11 tracks recorded and mixed between 1999 and 2001, showcasing the more experimental and IDM-inspired side of Meyer’s style; although the reason for its long gestation has not been made clear, Geiger’s Day marks Forma Tadre’s follow-up to the 2020 P-SongX 1989-1993 and Navigator Travelogue compilations, both of which featured numerous demos, remixes, and unreleased tracks from the band’s most active period in the mid ’90s. 2020 also saw the reissuing of the project’s Navigator and Automate albums, the latter also appearing in a “2.0” edition. Due for release on Friday, October 1, Geiger’s Day is now available to purchase in digital and CD formats via Bandcamp, with Bandcamp set to feature the record in its “New & Notable” section on October 17.


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