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Following the release of “Reach” earlier this year, industrial/rock act FleischKrieg has unveiled a new single in which the band pays tribute to one of the greats of ’80s synthpop, Frankie Goes to Hollywood. As the latest single from the band’s upcoming Herzblut debut, “Relax” is described by guitarist Thomas Crawford as “a perfect representation of FleischKrieg‘s sound,” citing the song’s themes of self-love “wrapped in a heavy industrial bow.” Originally released in 1983 and garnering controversy for the use of homosexual imagery in its initial ad campaigns, as well as for its lyrical allusions to masturbation, “Relax” went on to become a number one hit in early 1984 despite bans by the BBC and the radio industry at large; produced by Trevor Horn (ex-Yes, The Buggles), the song was then included on Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Welcome to the Pleasuredome debut and remains that band’s most identifiable hit. Released on September 10 and available to purchase via Bandcamp, FleischKrieg’s rendition of “Relax” is compounded by an age-restricted music video on YouTube; Herzblut is due for release in October.


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