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“Our understanding of the larger ecology of mind and matter are inadequate to fully address what’s really happening in our reality.” So states vocalist Richard Cranor of industrial/rock act FleischKrieg as the band has unleashed the music video for “Reach,” the new single from the forthcoming album, Herzblut. “I think we humans have a lot to learn about what’s really going on in the greater scheme of things,” as the song presents one facet of the album’s overarching themes of the conflict between physical, emotional, and intellectual survival. Produced by Twizted Images, the video features FleischKrieg’s collaboration with fellow goth/industrial artist Kaylie “Nuda” Cortez, who appears performing keyboards alongside the core lineup of Cranor, guitarist Thomas “Ceraphym” Crawford, and Nick “Living Dead Drummer” Mason. Released on July 2, the video follows the “Fool’s Folly” single, marking the second example of the forthcoming Herzblut debut album, due to appear in October; the band plans to release a new single and video for each month until then.

With a background in video production and small acting roles, Cranor had been moonlighting as an Uber driver when he picked up Crawford as a passenger; the two discovered a mutual love for industrial/metal, with the two subsequently supporting each other’s endeavors before finally forming FleischKrieg. The pair cite the likes of Rammstein, Lord of the Lost, 3TEETH, and DK-Zero as primary influences, the latter culminating in Nuda’s appearance on “Reach” as her 2019 Intimate Senses debut was mixed and mastered by that band’s D-Punk, who also provided a remix on her 2020 Mindful Tragedies record.


Website, Facebook, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, YouTube
Website, Facebook, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, YouTube
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