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FiXT is home to some of the more singularly expressive and forward-thinking acts in underground music; among them are The Anix and Seething Akira, with each having released a new single to demonstrate a philosophy of looking to the past to forge the future.
With the band’s third full-length album nearing its release, Seething Akira’s “Stars” marks the sixth early helping of what Nozomi has to offer, blending melodic and anthemic nü-metal with vibrant electronic textures. “Accept all the imperfections inside,” the band says of the song’s themes, “focusing on the positives that do exist, and the potential that great things may come to fruition.” Released on October 27, “Stars” is the final preview of the forthcoming Nozomi, due for release via FiXT on November 11 in digital and CD formats. The album follows up on 2021’s Dysfunctional Wonderland, and marks Seething Akira’s second full-length recording since joining the FiXT roster; the label reissued the band’s Sleepy Skeletor debut in June of 2021.


Meanwhile, Brandon Smith has been mining various creative ores from the past since the July reissue of The Anix’s 2008 album Demolition City, which was then followed by the “Spit You Out” single and music video; as the first taste of the forthcoming NIGHTVISION album, the song exhibited traces of Smith’s influences from the early ’90s alt. rock scene, while the video was created in collaboration with several past band members like Oscar Gutierrez, Logan Smith, and Chris Dinger. Now, “See Nothing” offers the second single from NIGHTVISION, further showcasing Smith’s cyberpunk rendition of his grunge and alt. rock past. Citing such inspirations as Nirvana, Failure, Bush, and Sonic Youth alongside the electronic sounds and production stylings of The Prodigy, Smith explains, “I was producing the track with a fictional ‘2094’ year in mind, thinking about how some kids in a garage might produce electro-rock in the future.” He further explains that less attention was paid to perfectionism, focusing more on mood and raw volume and energy, the song’s themes revolving around the questioning of reality and the resulting emotional turmoil. “See Nothing” is available now as a digital single on Bandcamp; as the artist’s fifth album with FiXT, NIGHTVISION is expected to arrive in 2023.



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