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To say that FiXT has had its hands full would be an understatement as the independent label has been consistently showcasing its new signees with a steady stream of single and album releases. Continuing to explore the boundless realms of underground electro, rock, and industrial, the imprint has revealed four new tracks in the last days of April, along with one via the FiXT Neon sublabel.
First to appear was “Light It Up,” the latest effort from FiXT mainstay Voicians, and marking the second single from the German producer’s forthcoming Venomous Mind album. Following up on “We Won’t Be Ever There,” the song follows Daniel Voicians’ pursuit of melding the melodic fury of rock with the dancefloor energy of drum & bass, its lyrical themes relaying “the story of a toxic friendship leading to rivalry between the two individuals.” Released on April 27, the single features an instrumental mix of “Light It Up,” as well as the B-side track “Sorrow.”

“There’s a thin line between love and hate” may sound like a cliché, but in the hands of Eastern European electro/rock group Raizer, it is almost a mission statement. The band’s latest single, “Hate” sees Raizer taking its signature cyber metal sound into an even more acerbic blending industrialized electronics and riffs, the lyrics delivering a pure onslaught of vitriol and venom. “Hate” was released on April 28 and is Raizer’s first release of new material since the 2021 release of the sophomore album Resurrection.

Earlier this year, FiXT founder Klayton collaborated with Russian/Ukrainian electronic act Teddy Killerz under his Celldweller moniker, releasing the “Clone” single in February. April 28 saw the reveal of a remix of the song by HIGHSOCIETY, infusing his signature brand of EDM dubstep while retaining the track’s dystopian ambience; stating that he and Teddy Killerz were proud of the original song, Klayton praises HIGHSOCIETY’s remix “as he brings a whole new level of energy to the track with some brutally heavy production and sound design.” Celldweller is currently working on the fifth full-length album Satellites with plans for its release to take place this year.

Like many in the genre and particularly in the FiXT family, Los Angeles artist Cyazon crafts his soundscapes as if to recreate in music the cyberpunk hellscape of Blade Runner, with “Netrunner” being his latest example. Collaborating with fellow EDM/electro artist Becko, the song lyrically follows themes of technological rebellion against oppression in which a lone hero “hacked the internet transmuting all the consciousness in cyberspace so people will be finally free there.” With its title based on the living card game, the song creates a sonic backdrop of dubstep and synthwave inspired atmospheres, released on April 29.

Finally, Seattle duo Nouveau Arcade joins forces with Canadian synthwave artist Signal Void to craft the “Stronger Now” single. Released on April 29 on FiXT Neon, the song presents a cinematic and provocative tale of overcoming internal anxiety, with Nouveau Arcade explaining that “Sometimes what is painful at the moment is what gets you where you need to go.”


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