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Album CoverThe impact on modern music that Kevin Crompton – a.k.a. cEvin Key – has had simply can’t be understated, not only as a one of the key members of industrial legends Skinny Puppy, but also with the more experimental output of his numerous other projects. Having released three albums of original music and the eighth entry in the Brap and Forth archival series under his own name, Key has revealed the first taste of his upcoming fifth solo outing; with vocals provided by Edward Ka-Spel, “Night Flower” is the first single off of X̱wáýx̱way, now available to stream via Bandcamp and Spotify. Besides being known for his work fronting the avant-garde experimental rock band The Legendary Pink Dots, Ka-Spel has had a long association with Key having worked with him in The Tear Garden, as well as appearing on Key’s previous solo outing tHe gHost oF eAch rOom in 2001.

X̱wáýx̱way (anglicized as “Whoi Whoi”) is named for an indigenous village located in what is now the 10,000 acre Stanley Park in Vancouver, Key’s hometown. Calling the album his most personal outing and a statement on his life experiences, the artist relates on how the park has held many memories for him since his earliest childhood; he would come to learn the park’s origins after several encounters with denizens of its storied and tragic history, particularly strange sensations and places in the woods like Lumberman’s Arch where once stood a 3,000-year-old village. Having referenced Stanley Park on the 1990 Skinny Puppy album Too Dark Park, Key has dedicated the record to the village’s remaining spirits, going on to say, “I am saddened by the story of X̱wáýx̱way. I truly believe this is something we should have been taught in schools so people would recognize the park sits on Salish land which to this day has never been ceded.”
Album CoverAlong with KaSpel, X̱wáýx̱way features collaborations with regular associates like Traz Damji, Otto Von Schirach, Omar Torres, and Dre Robinson, along with IAMX’s Chris Corner providing vocals on two tracks, and Tuvan throat singer (Khöömei) Enrique Ugalde – a.k.a. Soriah – on one. Written and produced by Key with mastering provided by Greg Reely, the album is due for release on February 19, 2021 via Artoffact Records, with pre-orders available now in digital, CD, and multiple vinyl formats.


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