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Norwegian industrial act Carrion has released “Flowers of Eden,” the first single and video from the upcoming album, Iconoclasm. The single also includes as the B-side track an alternate version by Nero Bellum of Psyclon Nine. Produced by Darrin Lewis (Beside the Silence, Nothing Valentine), the album continues the trajectory set by the group’s Revelation EP, which was released in May. Carrion founder and frontman Adrian Kjøsnes says that while the single was chosen because it showcases the evolution of the band’s sound within the framework of dark, grinding, apocalyptic industrial, Iconoclasm encompasses a wide range of styles, from metal to “self-deprecating and romanitcally masochistic ballads.” “Flowers of Eden” is available now via Bandcamp, while Iconoclasm‘s release date, details, and pre-order information will be announced soon.



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