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It has been over two years since the Dust Bowl Faeries released its last album, but the band has certainly not been idle as November 10 marked the reveal of a new single, “Lost in Time.” Further showcasing the group’s blend of goth, vaudeville, and cabaret-tinged indie rock, the song presents the first taste of an upcoming project that vocalist Ryder Cooley says can be likened to a “freewheeling carnival set up on the outskirts of a small town,” sure to please longtime fans of the band. Written by longtime collaborator Dennis Herbert, “Lost in Time” is a reimagined rendition of a song originally recorded by Joe Ford (South Brooklyn Sound), the lyrics relating a nautical tale of a group of odd characters beckoned by the song of the sirens; “The girl and her cohorts sink to the bottom of the ocean where they live happily ever after, under the sea,” Cooley explains, “It’s a bittersweet end, like drowning in a pool of warm sweet teardrops.”

Now available digitally via Bandcamp, “Lost in Time” follows up on Dust Bowl Faeries’ The Plague Garden, which was recorded and released in the midst of the pandemic; since then, the group has been performing D.I.Y. outdoor shows and livestreams. With plans for a larger release to arrive in January 2023, Cooley says the band hopes to travel and tour in the new year, “But if not, you are always welcome to come to us,” referring to the “bucolic” and “haunted, witchy” woodlands of New York’s Hudson Valley, where Dust Bowl Faeries is based; “It’s a wonderful place to visit.”


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