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Electro/rock act FIRES has unleashed a new single via Bandcamp, titled “We’re Breathing, Johnny.” Infused with ’90s alt. rock guitars and blistering energy, and with cover artwork provided by Steven Archer (Stoneburner, Ego Likeness), FIRES’ Æðra Justice Burke explains that the song is “a track for lovers and the left-outs of love,” clarifying that it’s “about the idea of hiding behind silence and the distance we face during quarantine.” She also comments that despite the “burning cop car lyric,” the song has nothing to do with the current wave of riots and protests.

“We’re Breathing, Johnny,” along with the March release of the “BitchCorona” single and the “Telecine” track on Electronic Saviors 6: Reflection, marks the first new material from FIRES since the May 2019 release of the highly acclaimed All of My Dreams Are of This Place. Burke goes on to say that the new FIRES record will continue the sound of this track, calling it “kind of my love letter to a sound that has defined my musical career,” citing the particularly heavy influence of Placebo; in November 2019, Burke had released a cover of Placebo’s “Sleeping With Ghosts” as a name-your-price item on Bandcamp.



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