Apr 2019 18

FIRES announces transitional sophomore album
With a release date of May 10 via Negative Gain Productions, electro-pop/rock act FIRES has announced the sophomore album, All of My Dreams Are Of This Place, with the “Revive” single now available to stream via Bandcamp. Following up on the 2017 Red Goes Grey debut on Metropolis Records, All of My Dreams… “represents a culmination of past lives and new beginnings, both sonically and thematically,” according to FIRES’ vocalist/composer Aedra Oh, who recently came out as a female. She goes on to say that although the album “bears little semblance to the music of Red Goes Grey, the concepts remain the same: finding power in what hurts you, learning to grow, and being a better self.” Pre-orders for All of My Dreams Are Of This Place are now available in digital and CD formats; prior to the record’s release, FIRES will be performing on the first night of Convergence 25 on May 3 in Boston, MA.


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