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Industrial and alt. rock band Filter continues to march steadily toward the release of a new full-length record, with “Face Down” serving as the latest single to hint at what’s in store. With a distinctly bluesy riff and rhythm, the track was written by front man and founder Richard Patrick in response to “lies, deceptions, and pure vitriol” he’d experienced on social media; “‘Face Down’ speaks to the hate and negativity plaguing the world today,” he states, going on to express his excitement at the forthcoming album. Produced by Brian Virtue, “Face Down” follows the October 2022 reveal of “For the Beaten,” taking a sharp turn away from that song’s emotive metalcore stylings for a sound that old-school Filter fans will certainly recognize, while still lyrically addressing relevant social, cultural, and political issues as on past singles like 2020’s “Thoughts and Prayers” and “Murica.”

“Face Down” is available to purchase/stream now as the latest single from They Got Us Right Where They Want Us, At Each Other’s Throats, Filter’s eighth studio album, due to arrive later in 2023 on Golden Robot Records. Furthermore, Filter will be performing its first ever livestreaming concert on June 17 via the HITKOR platform, titled California Screamin’; tickets for the livestream event are available now, with bonus features in the All-Access and VIP packages including an encore viewable for 12 months, bonus interviews, exclusive merch, and more. The performance is said to feature a selection of hits alongside new cuts from the upcoming album making their debut, with special guests expected to appear onstage.


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