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Acclaimed producer/musician Julian Beeston has been making quite a stir with his Featured project, with the early 2021 release of Girly showcasing not only his own formidable skills, but also those of several exceptional female vocalists in the current industrial and alternative underground scene. Now, he invites into the project’s next phase with the Dicks Incorporated EP, along with a corresponding animated video created by Modularity Creatives and De Facto Corporation; fronted by the darkly melodic yet biting vocals of Chelsea Dawn, the song takes a lyrically vicious stance not only against sexism and the patriarchy, but also the broader issues of discrimination, toxic consumerism, nationalism, and other examples of a “special kind of stupid” plaguing modern society. Written, produced, and mixed by Beeston at Power Chihuahua Studios in Los Angeles, “Dicks Incorporated” also features contributions from bassist Dean Garcia (Curve, SPC ECO) and guitarist Steve White (PIG, KMFDM), with the EP featuring remixes by Cubanate’s Marc Heal, Cyanotic, MESH, and more

“Dicks Incorporated” acts as the first single from Featured’s forthcoming second album, titled All Mouth and No Trousers. Along with Chelsea Dawn, the record will include vocal appearances by Lucia Cifarelli (KMFDM), Rose Garcia (SPC ECO), and Mari Kattman (Helix); a release date for the album has not yet been announced, but the Dicks Incorporated EP is now available digitally via Bandcamp. The EP follows the release of the deluxe edition of Girly this past April, which combined the original 2021 album with Featured’s 2020 We the People debut EP.


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