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Reuben Bettsak and Bo Barringer – the Boston duo known as Ex-Hyena – have unveiled the third single from the band’s upcoming debut album, Artificial Pulse. Following the “Shades” and “Instant Fires” singles, “Motorfreaks” presents the band’s dark disco style, with themes revolving around the perilous and lawless dystopian world of a future that is perhaps nearer than expected; “I imagined a motley gang that rides through the futuristic city ruins,” Bettsak explains, “exploring the land in their motorbikes and cars that they’ve customized.” This group, having formed a bond through their shared sruvival amid the chaos, are dubbed the “Motorfreaks” by the authorities that now pursue them. Comparing the song’s driving synths and rhythms to the 2011 movie Drive, Barringer further explains, “the giant crescendo at the end of the song felt like the protagonist trying to escape his/her current dystopic hellscape and driving off the side of the road in the Hollywood Hills.”

“Motorfreaks” was released today, January 22, and is available to purchase via Bandcamp and stream on Spotify. Artificial Pulse is due for release on February 19.


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