Apr 2018 17

Eternally Yours returns with a new single
Filled with martial rhythms and starkly resonant atmospheres, topped off by the melodic and powerful vocals of Sarah Uhle, “Our Fight” is the latest single from dark rock act Eternally Yours, following the band’s acclaimed 2015 debut album, The Masquerade. Produced and mixed by longtime associate Alex Crescioni of Stygian Sound, the song features drummer Jorden Mitev (Society 1, DIM7, Yidhra, and Fracture), and can be heard via Spotify, iTunes, and the band’s website. The band describes the song as “a call to put your first in the air and be heard, and to stand up for what is right,” and “a rebellious call to arms against the long outdated status quo that has forever plagued the human race.” “Our Fight” was mastered by Steve Corrao at Nashville’s Sage Audio.


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