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After a hiatus of five years for a world tour as part of the internationally acclaimed Danish duo Blondage, Esben Nørskov Andersen has returned to his synthpop solo project Rangleklods with a new EP, title All About U. Anderson says that returning to his roots as a solo artist has lead to renewed inspiration, explaining that, “I found myself while searching for new musical possibilities between light and darkness – order and chaos.” As such, the EP’s five tracks careen back and forth between melancholic and euphoric, hypnotic and chaotic, blending synthpop verses with dance floor grooves and industrial breaks.
After the atmospheric 2012 Beekeeper debut album, Rangleklods moved to a more rave-inspired industrial sound on 2015’s Straitjacket, carving a niche as an innovator in Denmark’s burgeoning electronic music scene. Released on June 26 via Copenhagen Records, All About U is available now in digital formats, with a self-created video for the track “Like That” to be released July 10; a “mood video” for the track is available now, as well as the introductory “Never Lie” single.


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