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Jamie Blacker continues to dish out his own particular brand of Electronic Substance Abuse with the release of a new collaborative double A-side single with fellow electro/industrial act Moaan Exis. Released on Friday, November 3, the Spit & Spite single sees Blacker and Mathieu Caudron trading off in what the two hoped would “feel like a 50/50 split” to give fans a true merger of the two acts; both musicians sharing in the composition and lyrics, the two having performed onstage in Prague prior to the lockdowns in 2020, silently agreeing with each other that such a collaboration would eventually take place. Released via Negative Gain Productions, Spit & Spite follows up on ESA’s 2022 One Missed Call EP and Moaan Exis’ “Duality” single from earlier this year.

Furthermore, Blacker has created a remix for dark electro and harsh EBM act Panic Lift for the track “Timelines,” featured on the band’s latest EP. As the fifth and final entry in what has culminated in James Francis’ latest album cycle, Again features two new tracks, along with the aforementioned remix by ESA, and a remix of “What Happens Now?” by Absynthe of Faith. Split, Pieces, Stitched, Together, and Again are all digitally available as individual EPs; Split Pieces Stitched Together Again is also available to purchase as a two-disc CD edition – the first disc featuring the original songs, and the second containing all the remixes, which also includes MOЯIS BLAK, Grendel, genCAB, Mechanical Vein, Assemblage 23, Tragic Impulse, and more.


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