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Canadian musician Eric Hogg is a man of assorted talents and output, with The Municipality becoming the umbrella for those creative impulses that do not correspond to any other. Hole in the Tide is the project’s sophomore outing, and showcasing a cinematic brand of synthwave and electro-pop that stands in contrast to the self-titled debut, released in October 2019; taking a more immersive and surreal approach to the production, Hole in the Tide presents a rawer, more emotional sound that moves away from the noisy yet conventional pop structures of the first album. The album follows the single release of “Le Foto Proibite di una Signora per Bene,” a cover of a track composed by the late Ennio Morricone, released as a free download on the week of his passing. Hole in the Tide is due for release on August 19 and will be available on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Spotify. Besides The Municipality, Hogg serves as a member of such varied groups as the alt./psych rock band The Sky Lit Up, dream-pop duo Hush Hush Noise, noise act Cthulhu Detonator, and electronic project Zephyr Nova.


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