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“SIMM is just a spectator, a witness of disasters,” says Italian musician/producer Eraldo Bernocchi as he expresses the decidedly nihilistic and grim outlook that drives Too Late to Dream, his first album under the monker of SIMM since 2013’s Visitor. With the project only releasing an album once every decade, this latest effort draws on Bernocchi’s observations of the dystopian reality “that Ballard and Cronenberg perfectly described years ago,” decrying the effects of media oversaturation and disinformation. With the artist currently based in London, Bernocchi supplements the bass driven grooves and aggressive beats of SIMM on this album with vocal contributions from cult East London MC FlowDan and South African trio Phelimuncasi of African imprint Nyege Nyege Tapes. Due for release on November 26 via Ohm Resistance, Too Late to Dream is available to pre-order in digital, CD, and vinyl formats via Bandcamp. In addition to SIMM, Bernocchi has been a member of such groups as Sigillum S, Jajouka Soundsystem, Metallic Taste of Blood, Obake, Equations of Eternity with Mick Harris and Bill Laswell, and has released music under the monikers of Blackwood, Interceptor, Ashes, and Surrealistick Master,


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