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This past December saw EN ESCH releasing a remastered edition of his 2016 Trash Chic album, along with the announcement of a new standalone track. After a period of technical difficulties, “Et Nos Unum Sumus” at long last makes its appearance, a multi-faceted composition created for “Kulturprojekte Berlin” – a sound installation commissioned by the Berlin government. Clocking in at 12-and-a-half minutes, the song is a patchwork of different languages – from EN ESCH’s signature German snarl to disaffected and robotic recitations in Japanese and Polish by Keiko Yoshida and fdisk@interia, respectively, samples of various politicians, and a statement of unity and solidarity for all humanity read by Sylvia J. Carrasquillo – with the instrumental comprised of bouncy and offbeat rhythms, squelching synths, and a sonic mélange of every national anthems playing simultaneously. The artist states, “The Untied Nations has 193 member states and I also added the anthems of observers and known non-members,” resulting in 206 anthems represented in “Et Nos Unum Sumus.” Written by EN ESCH with Friedrich Schiller, and co-produced by Michael Carrasquillo, the track was released today, January 16, and is available now on Bandcamp in 24bit 48KHz stereo, with EN ESCH planning to release a Dolby Atmos version, as well as the cluster of national anthems by itself.

“Et Nos Unum Sumus” marks the first new solo material from EN ESCH since the original 2016 release of Trash Chic. Upon the December release of Trash Chic 22, EN ESCH had first announced the track would appear, as well as hinting at the HEXALOGY musical line – a concept series of six albums appearing over the next six years, all compiling ideas and lyrics EN ESCH has been working on, and on top of that, a fourth full-length solo effort. More details will be revealed in the coming weeks.


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