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The passing of Lee “Scratch” Perry this past August at the age of 85 truly marked the end of an era as the Jamaican producer/musician has been regarded as one of the truly innovative figures in dub reggae and the development of the remix as an art form. Now, the eMERGENCY hEARTS label has unveiled a new single that features the late legend collaborating with fellow musical visionary Mark Stewart and Peter Harris, produced and mixed by the legendary Adrian Sherwood, titled “Alpha.” As the first single from Stewart’s forhcoming Vs record, the track also features additional production from Xqui, with drums provided by 23 Skidoo’s Fritz Catlin; “Alpha” is described by label head Scott Crow as a “playful track” that pays tribute to the artists’ collective histories, crediting their unique styles and “magic wordplay” for drawing new audiences to the sounds of the past.

Released on December 17, “Alpha” is now available digitally via Bandcamp, with Stewart’s Vs album due for released in March of 2022; other collaborations on the record include members of Cabaret Voltaire, Consolidated, KK Null, Front 242, Pan Sonic, and MINUTEMEN. A founding member of The Pop Group in 1977, Mark Stewart is heralded as a solo artist since 1980 for his innovative exploration of post-punk, dub, and industrial hip-hop; most recently, The Pop Group released Y in Cub via Mute Records in October of this year. Along with the digital single, “Alpha” will be released in a picture-disc edition limited to only 25 copies, each costing $100 and available directly from eMERGENCY hEARTS. 100% of all proceeds from sales and downloads of the “Alpha” single will be donated to the Alpha Institute in Kingston, Jamaica from the December 17 release date to January 30, 2022; formerly known as the Alpha Boys’ School, the institute has garnered accolades for helping to influence the development of ska and reggae.
In addition, “Alpha” is accompanied by a music video that showcases a series of collaborative works of art between Lee “Scratch” Perry and Peter Harris. Mark Stewart explains that the short film was created by Aloha Dead with the blessing of Perry’s wife, with Harris providing bass, guitar, and a capella vocals. Harris and Perry had worked together on numerous artworks, including an updated version of the Holy Bible as interpreted through their respective worldviews, titled The Higher Powers Bible: From Genesis to Revelation.


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