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Ember Twin premieres new video via Brutal Resonance
Swedish industrial/alt. rock act Ember Twin has released the official music video for the single “I Can’t Turn You On,” premiering on Brutal Resonance. Featuring band members Mikael and William Ember in a monochromatic color scheme against a visually dynamic backdrop, the pair exhibiting shifts in tone and mood, the video was inspired by the works of David Lynch, while the song showcases the band’s punky synth-drenched vibe.

“I Can’t Turn You On” comes from Ember Twin’s latest EP, Nothing, released on November 9, 2018; according to the band, the EP was originally intended to be an acoustic record, before taking its current form blending elements of synthpop, industrial, metal, and punk. William Ember goes on to say the EP was “inspired by our modern society, the stress it brings, as well as all the violence we see around us on a daily basis,” with samples recorded from the outside world – “people talking, children playing and screaming” – in an effort to capture the sounds of “life as it was happening on the outside and to try to give the songs a more human element.”


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