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Following the 2020 Bloodline album, Istanbul industrial/electro-pop act ELZ and the Cult has unveiled a new music video for the single “Fire Meets Fire.” Shot and directed by ELZ with longtime collaborator Antresex, the video stars drag artist and Istanbul queer icon Kiki Cicinash alongside ELZ, the glitchy and distorted imagery adding to convey the song’s erotic themes; inspired by the concept of “la petite mort” – a French expression translating to “the little death,” which relates to post-orgasmic sensation – and the writings of George Bataille, the video presents the fascination between sex as a joyful yet disturbing, consummating yet destructive force, The single, released in the U.S. via Angelspit’s Black Pill Red Pill imprint, features the B-side track “Discipline,” which thematically addresses the more personal and vulnerable aspects of these topics; the single, now available on Bandcamp, also features a remix of “Discipline” created by QUAL, with mastering on the EP by Görkem Karabudak.


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