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Elouise teams up with American Horror Story theme composer for new EP
Based in Altadena, CA, blackgrass band Elouise will be releasing a new EP, titled Transmigration, on April 20. Bridging together elements of gothic Americana with cinematic industrial soundscapes, Transmigration features five tracks on which the band collaborates with composer and sound designer César Dávila-Irizarry, best known for co-writing the theme song to the hit AMC series American Horror Story. “I had wanted to get my hands on a good band’s raw material so I could dissect it and recreate it in my own musical language where I blur the line between music and sound design,” Irizarry states, having dissected essentially remixed three of the original tracks from Elouise’s Deep Water debut, released in July of 2016. Of the merger of the band’s primitive folk deconstructionist style with Irizarry’s more electronically minded approach, the band states, “We had no idea what to expect when we first met with César about a possible collaboration,” further commenting, “The big commonality we have is that we both have the tendency to deconstruct and go off the rails. We gravitate to a musical world that gets pretty dark. Variations on Black.” A five-time BMI Award winner, the Los Angeles based Irizarry elaborates also that he mined from his early influences of the WaxTrax! era and the midwest industrial aesthetic along with his experiences living in his native Puerto Rico and his studies in experimental art and music in Chicago. “I wanted to continue the exploration of Afro-Caribbean rhythms in more experimental music like many of my Puerto Rican avant-garde colleagues have done. It’s something that has been in the minds of many of us since we were kids in the ’90s.” Transmigration also features a new rendition of the June Carter classic “Ring of Fire,” along with “Eyes of Duque,” an original composition by Irizarry. The EP will be a digital-only release available via CDBaby and iTunes. A music video for the album track “I’ll Fly Away” was released earlier this year, with Irizarry making a guest appearance.


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