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Electronic Saviors Transformers tribute to release new Convention Edition
Various Artists - Respect the Prime: 1986 Revisited (Convention Edition)Electro/industrial label Distortion Productions has announced the release of a new “Con Edition” of the popular 2016 Respect the Prime: 1986 Revisited tribute to The Transformers. Featuring artwork from IDW Comics’ Nick Roche and colorist Josh Perez, this new physical CD will be limited to 300 copies as a thank you to fans and supporters; it will officially be released on July 14, the first day of the Toronto TFCon, with availability to follow for TFCon DC in September and Dark Side of the Con 2 in March of 2018. The new “Con Edition” will feature the original edition in its entirety, plus two brand new bonus tracks from the band thoughtForm, and new artwork and liner notes, which will feature a surprise announcement about the future of Respect the Prime; a special tour edition T-shirt will also be made available. Distortion Productions will also offer a limited number for fans not attending the conventions via the label’s website. In keeping with the goals of the Electronic Saviors compilation series, of which Respect the Prime is the first spin-off, all proceeds will be donated to cancer research.


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