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Six months after the the industrial/rock act’s last single comes the release of the long-awaited full-length album from DRØWND. [An]Aesthetic marks what founder and front man Joe Crudgington calls his heaviest material to date, having written the majority of its 14 tracks in the midst of the lockdowns and focusing on the emotional ideas behind his songwriting; he explains the concepts to revolve around human excess and the uncertainty people feel when trapped in their emotions, “if they are normal, if you are normal and repressing them and punishing yourself for them in a vicious cycle.” Along with “Filth,” [An]Aesthetic features an original full-length version of “Sinner,” released on the EP of the same name in August of last year. Mastered by Jules Seifert, the album was released on July 22 via Armalyte Industries and is now available in digital and CD formats on Bandcamp and Amazon.co.uk.

Accompanying the record’s release today is the reveal of a music video for the track “Stripped,” which features performances by body-based artists Kris Canavan and Bonnie Bakeneko, both using “trauma as a language to communicate love, loss, and longing.” Due to its graphic imagery, reminiscent in this writer’s mind of a cross between Hellraiser and Japanese cyberpunk film 964 Pinocchio, the video for “Stripped” is age-restricted.


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