Feb 2021 24

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Hailing from San Diego and drawing as much on the dreamily melodic sounds of Cocteau Twins as on the dark aural oppression of Sunn 0)))), EST has announced the release of a new EP, Electronic Social Transformation. Following up on The Everies EP released in 2020, the trio comprised of Charlotte Noelle Miller, Christopher Ryan Braciszewski, and John Christopher Harris II present a sound that is described as “Songs for the faint of heart,” with the new EP showcasing three brand new tracks – among them, the music video for “Smoke Fetish” premiered on Cvlt Nation in November 2020, with the premiere for “Those Eyes” following on Valentine’s Day via Post-Punk.com. In the latter article, the band clarifies that although the acronym of EST is an allusion to the EP’s title, it is primarily a reference to Erhard Seminar Training. Now available for pre-order on Bandcamp, the Electronic Social Transformation EP is due for release on April 3 in digital and a limited edition 10-inch vinyl that also includes The Everies.



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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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