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After releasing the “Subspecies” single in time for Halloween, horror electro/industrial act Dracula Party has announced a new EP companion. With work continuing on the duo’s debut full-length album now resumed, the Subspecies Revamped EP will offer a set of remixes conducted by the likes of Chris Keya, Shane Aungst, and Areal Kollen; the original version of “Subspecies,” released on October 27, will also be included, with the EP’s digital release scheduled for Friday, December 18. Dracula Party vocalist Byron C. Miller comments, “When I sent our new track to Shane Aungst, he loved it and immediately asked for a remix kit. From there it caught on, and now we have these great new versions of our creepy song. I couldn’t be happier.” Miller and band mate Chris Longo have also announced a tentative release for The Video Wasteland to be in Fall of 2021, with the album’s themes inspired by the made-for-video VHS horror films of the ’80s and ’90s.


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