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With today’s release of “Leaving These Stones Unturned,” Canadian goth/rock act Double Eyelid breaks the silence of a few months to give listeners a slow and atmospheric ballad about burying one’s doubts in the past. As such, the song and even the single’s cover see vocalist and founder Ian Revell portrayed as a gravedigger from the Victorian era, the image taken directly from the band’s music video for “Dead is Better” from 2012; of the thematic link between the two songs and their shared visuals, Revell explains, “burial’s the central metaphor – it’s digging in the dirt, digging in the past, digging in the psyche.” Additionally, the forthcoming lyric video for “Leaving These Stones Unturned” will see Revell once again portraying the character to further the thematic connection of overcoming personal ambiguities to live life on one’s own terms.

With Revell joined on the song by guitarist Sky Shaver and Sean Beesley providing additional synths, “Leaving These Stones Unturned” marks the first single from Double Eyelid following the Halloween release of “Night Prowler,” a cover of the AC/DC classic; the band’s last original single was 2019’s “A Means to an End,” which also featured a remix of the track by Leæther Strip. “Leaving These Stones Unturned” is now available to stream via Bandcamp and Spotify.


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