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Whenever an artist of notable stature passes away, there is almost always a sizeable amount of unreleased material left behind; such was the case when dub/reggae pioneer Lee “Scratch” Perry died this past August at the age of 85, first with his appearance on the impending release of Mark Stewart’s Vs record, and now also with his remix of Scottish trip-hop artist Dot Allison; serving as the first single from her upcoming Entangled Remix EP companion to the Heart-Shaped Scars album, Perry’s remix of “Love Died in Our Arms” was, according to the legendary producer/musician’s wife, his final project before his death, “the last thing in his life that Lee worked on.” Allison goes on to say, “I genuinely cannot put into words what a profound moment and an honor and gift it felt under the circumstances,” calling it a magical moment to first listen to it with her co-producer Fiona Cruickshank, and expressing gratitude to Perry and his wife and family for encouraging its release.

Heart-Shaped Scars was released via SA Recordings on July 30, 2021, marking Dot Allison’s first solo album of new material since 2012’s Pioneers 01; reworking songs from that album, the Entangled Remix EP also features the talents of Saint Etienne, Anton Newcombe, The Anchorss, Lomond Campbell, and of course, Lee “Scratch” Perry. Of the EP’s title, Allison explains that it not only ties in with Heart-Shaped Scars, “but also in a way the slightly disparate influences on the EP spanning decades from when I was first influenced by dub music and did a remix for St. Etienne, to Anton in Berlin, and the Anchoress now.” The Entangled Remix EP is due for release on April 28, while Heart-Shaped Scars is available to purchase in digital and vinyl formats via Bandcamp.


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