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Best known for his work in Breathless and This Mortal Coil, vocalist Dominic Appleton has embarked on a new collaborative effort with Italian producer Matteo Uggeri, Starlight Assembly, with the full-length debut of Starlight and Still Air now forthcoming. Steeped in a decidedly song-oriented approach to electronic music, the album presents 10 original tracks revolving around melancholy and ambiguous themes of mortality and friendship, with Appleton’s voice complementing Uggeri’s multifaceted approach; Appleton took to the collaboration with Uggeri after being encouraged by 4AD founder Ivo Watts-Russell, having worked with him on the classic This Mortal Coil albums Filigree & Shadow and Blood. Recording for Starlight and Still Air had been completed in January 2020 – prior to the COVID-19 pandemic – with Appleton and Uggeri spending the rest of the year mixing and fine tuning the album before approaching Andrew Neerman of Beacon Sound for its ultimate release on October 22. The album features a piano improvisation by Francesco Giannico, as well as appearances by cellist Andrea Serrapiglio, violinist Franz Krostopovic, drummers Mattia Costa and Simone Riva, Alessandro Sesana on trumpet, bassists Anna Mioni and Cristano Lupo, guitarist Vittorio Ondedei, and backing vocalists Sharon Shahni and Gayatri Lyndsey Robertson. The Pan American remix of “Bloodlines” had made its premiere on August 26 via Foxy Digitalis, while the album can be pre-ordered in digital, CD, and vinyl formats via Bandcamp.


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