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Celebrated as one of the most iconic and pioneering figures in hip-hop, Darryl McDaniels – a.k.a. DMC – has collaborated with Hollywood alt. metal rabble rousers Society 1 for a new track, “It’s Life.” Presented with a scathing lyric video created by Scott Kennedy, the song offers a message of perseverance and empowerment in the face of adversity and tribultion; “Life is to be lived,” DMC states, “Attack each day’s struggles and adversity like a superhero. Life isn’t easy so it’s up to us to make it fun.” Produced by Society 1 front man and founder Matt “The Lord” Zane, the song marks the band’s first collaborative effort, with DMC praising Zane’s music and creativity as “Powerful, energetic, fun, and captivating,” and that the instrumental “grabbed me in a headlock!” Similarly, Zane comments, “Collaborating with DMC was an absolute dream come true,” referring to the first time he heard the rapper’s voice on Run-DMC’s “Raising Hell” as a “religious experience.” “It’s Life” can also be heard on Spotify.

“It’s Life” is the culmination of a collaboration between the two musicians more than a year ago, at which time the pair were working on a track called “The Man.” A teaser for that track remains on YouTube, perhaps an early version of the song to become “It’s Life,” with Zane handling guitars and production on the track, while DMC contributed the lyrics. Prior to that, the two musicians first connected on the “Noise Revolution” music video, on which DMC worked with Zane’s friend and musical associate Wayne Static; that song was recently featured on the first volume of ReGen Magazine‘s “ReVolution Anthems” Spotify playlist.




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