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Now signed to Cleopatra Records, electro/punk act DK-Zero has premiered via Alternative Press the music video for “Switch Me On,” the new single off the band’s upcoming sophomore outing Cyber Sex Inc.. Shot in Los Angeles prior to the COVID-19 lockdowns, the frenetic video was produced and directed by Skye Warden of Clockwork Productions, with DK-Zero co-founder D-Punk explaining the song and album concept as a dystopian future in which sexual pleasure has been genetically bred out of humans and can only be derived from taking blue or red pills; in the video, vocalist Kato plays the role of a dealer who attains power and wealth – effectively becoming a crime boss – by selling sex and “getting people off while also being a complete badass.” He goes on to say that “it’s about female empowerment and subversive action against the corporate powers-that-be,” with plans for the visual and lyrical themes to be further explored in the next single, “Replicate.”

“Switch Me On” was written by D-Punk and Kato with producer Charles Kallaghan Massabo, who also mixed and mastered Cyber Sex Inc.; the producer’s past credits include the likes of Falling in Reverse and Davey Suicide, with his involvement helping to draw and improve upon the energy and concept of the duo’s Blood & Violence debut, released in 2018. Cyber Sex Inc. is due for release on July 31 in digital, CD, and vinyl formats, with pre-orders available via Bandcamp and the Cleopatra Records webstore. Additionally, vocalist Kato will be unveiling a new set on fetish/fantasy photography site Stylerotica.com, with DK-Zero now running a contest via social media to win a free month’s subscription for generating the most shares of “Switch Me On.”


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