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Lillian Edith Martin and Brian Graupner are both renowned as much for their sense of sardonic whimsy as for their music, so it’s perhaps no shock that the two have at last collaborated on the “Gut Rehab” single, released under Martin’s DJ Sawtooth moniker, with Graupner providing vocals and lyrics as Gasoline Invertebrate. Set to Sawtooth’s signature blend of pounding EBM and dark techno, the themes address the current state of world affairs, with Gasoline Invertebrate calling for discarding the detritus of negativity. Adding his own signature production touches is Steven Archer (Stoneburner, Ego Likeness), with mastering provided by Robert Galbraith (Snowbeasts), making “Gut Rehab” a small but effective snapshot of the need for positivity in the current electro/EBM scene. Available digitally via Bandcamp, the “Gut Rehab” single was released on July 1 and follows up on Sawtooth’s 2021 Cold Days Ahead EP, and Gasoline Invertebrate’s Cracked Wax Battery album, released this past March.


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