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Magnus Karmark and Kim Holm, the duo collectively known as The Noise in Silence, has unveiled a new album presenting a series of international collaborations, titled We Are All Humans. Referred to as “a voyage into sound and contemplation,” the album delves into the pair’s noisy and dark industrial soundscapes with each of the contributing musicians – or “storytellers” – taking part in an obscure narrative without being granted access to the full picture, “as it is often the case in human life.” Through spoken word passages in their native languages, the purpose of the record was to reflect on the similarities between people across the world and to emphasize the cooperation and understanding is possible despite the perception of physical or linguistic barriers; drawing on their own personal experiences to convey love, pain, anger, hope, and despair, in languages as diverse as Italian, Japanese, French, German, Danish, Korean, Ukrainian, Chinese, and English, the ultimate goal is to demonstrate that “We are not so different from each other.” We Are All Humans was released today, November 20, and is available digitally via Bandcamp; the album follows up on the 2020 RadioActivity EP, with The Noise in Silence having released the standalone “Resurrection Restart” single in March of this year.


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