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Distortion Productions has announced a new remix EP from industrial/rock act Blue Eyed Christ. As a companion piece to the band’s 2020 World On Fire album, which was the first new release from the John D. Norten-helmed project since 2014, the new collection primarily focuses on remixes of the title track “World On Fire,” created by the likes of producer Joe Haze (The Banishment, Lords of Acid, Primitive Race), Red Lokust (featuring Distortion Productions founder Jim Semonik), The Joy Thieves, Steven OLaf, Dogtablet, Black Asteroid, and more; the original song features guest vocals by EN ESCH and Mea Fisher (ex-Lords of Acid), the music video having made its premiere in ReGen in June of last year. As well, the album also features remixes by Sapphira Vee, Wall Stretcher, and Dogtablet for the track “America H,” which was described by ReGen as “one of the best on the album,” the song featuring guest vocals by Karlina Covington. With Red Lokust’s remix of “World On Fire” available to preview stream, World On Fire Remixes is available for pre-order now on Bandcamp, due for release on September 24.


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