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Following up on the recent release of the Ascent EP, dark electronic act Dissonance has released the Starstuff remix companion. The EP contains remixes of “Starstuff” created by Brian Graupner of The Gothsicles, David Borsky of Decedent and Anti-Mechanism, regular Dissonance collaborator Federico Balducci, and Jim Marcus of GoFight (who also mixed and produced the original album mix); in addition, remixes of the band’s Propaganda cover “Murder of Love” created by Danny Saber and Lars Hansen of Oneiroid Psychosis round out the EP. Starstuff was released on May 30 via Hakatak International and is available digitally via Bandcamp.

While a music video for “Starstuff” is currently in the works, Dissonance has released a video for “Poison Kiss,” also from the Ascent EP. The track features Information Society vocalist Kurt Larson, while the video was created by Zeke Prebluda – a.k.a. VJ Falcotronik also of InSoc.


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