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Dissonance – the electronic musical outlet of vocalist Cat Hall – has been on a steady upward trajectory since the band’s return in 2017. Following up on the acclaimed Ascent EP released in 2019, the band has announced a new single, titled Precipice; written by Hall with Justin Burning, she explains that the song “is a very personal track, written about my thoughts when I was diagnosed with cancer. It kept me from being able to have children. I wrestled with it emotionally for years afterwards.” Along with the original track, the Precipice maxi-single features five additional remixes created by Joe Haze (Lords of Acid, Primitive Race) , Tommy T. Raspiardi (Diverje), Tony Greene (Except Europa), Adrian Halo (Machines with Human Skin), and Glenn Kirchner (Zuruckspulen). Also included is a remix by DJ/producer Junior Kain of “MOL,” a cover of Propaganda’s “Murder of Love” originally featured on the Ascent EP. Burning and Hall had previously collaborated on the 2017 Void album, which signaled the return of Dissonance after 16 years; as well, Hall was a guest vocalist on the track “Languish” by electro/industrial act SINthetik Messiah, which was mixed and mastered by Haze. The Precipice single is due for release on June 29, and will be available via Bandcamp.


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