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Blending elements of goth/rock, neo-classical, a dash of folk, and a healthy dose of mysticism and historical lore, Cleveland’s Dispel has announced two new releases for this autumn. First with the Pass the Gates EP in September, and then with the Inferno full-length album the following month, the band has launched a Kickstarter campaign for these two releases, stating that “We call on the brave, adventurous, and curios to join us on a journey for the ages.” With 27 days to go at the time of this article, Dispel has already surpassed the initial goal of $4,650, with rewards at various tiers including songs and mixes not featured on the EP or LP, CD and vinyl editions, test pressings, T-shirts, art prints, and more; stretch goals include additional merch and plans to produce an animated music video. Joining the band’s core trio of vocalist Ravensea, drummer/keyboardist Scott Dispel, and bassist/vocalist Sean Gallows are guest performances by guitarists Leonard Kemenani (Maldurin) and Joe Cilento, bassist Jamie Baisden (Valkyrie X), and pianist Kate Farquharson, with mastering by Martin Bowes (Attrition) at his Cage Studios in Coventry. Following up on 2020’s Lore LP and The Goddess EP, Inferno will feature the “Journey into Limbo” single released this past May as its opening track, as well as an acoustic rendition of “Glasya’s Heresy,” whose single was released in March. Of the themes presented on Inferno and Pass the Gates, the band references the nine circles of hell presented in “Dante’s Inferno,” with a dash of the literary fantasy of Dungeons & Dragons and Lord of the Rings, and the Game of Thrones series – Dispel explains that “On our previous album Lore, we explored the venerated ‘Hero’s Journey,’ that eternal quest made popular in mythology where you must adventure forth into the unknown, face your demons, pass your trials, and transform into a better version of yourself. With the help of our fans on this musical quest, we’ve completed the ‘Hero’s Journey’ – we take what was learned, the courage gained and the prowess earned, and now embark on a truly legendary expedition.”




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