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Richard Johnson and Danie Euphrat, collectively known as Digital Negative, made a solid impression with the debut self-titled EP in 2020. Now, the Virginia-based duo is returning with the apporpriately titled EP 2, further showcasing the pair’s brand of glitch-laden industrial brutality, “while tackling some new ground.” As both have backgrounds in the local metal scene, the band states that “artificiality is still the M.O.” with EP 2, utilizing electronic drums, samples, and field recordings to emphasize a heavily industrial and metal atmosphere; “This second EP is an attempt to further explore the field of musical possibilities opened up by the original concept,” Euphrat further explains, “Luckily for us, that criteria can apply to a broad variety of rhythms and genres.” With “Industrial Scraps” available to preview stream, EP 2 can be pre-ordered now on Bandcamp, due for release on March 3. Johnson is also a member of Drugs of Faith and Agoraphobic Nosebleed, while Euphrat is in Person918x and Timmy Sells His Soul.


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