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As ever full of the venomous sneer and swagger of hard rock, tempered by the darkly melodic bite of post-punk, Die So Fluid has announced the release of a new single, titled “The Start or the End.” The band’s first release of 2021 is accompanied by a music video created by vocalist/bassist Grog in Los Angeles, the concept focusing on the rise of homelessness and the widening discrepencies “between the have and have nots,” with thevideo description on YouTube including a link to the World Central Kitchen charity; Grog goes on to state that the song and video channel Phil Collins’ 1989 hit “Another Day in Paradise,” which famously addressed similar themes.

Released on July 18, “The Start or the End” also acts as unofficial announcement that drummer Justin Bennett is now considered a full member of Die So Fluid. Best known for his work in such bands as My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, ohGr, Skinny Puppy, :Bahntier//, kETvECTOR, Bennett has been collaborating with Grog and guitarist Drew Richards since the 2018 One Bullet From Paradise album, having mixed that album with Richards, and subsequently mixing the “Do You Dare” and “Walk with Me” singles, both released in 2020. As well, he mixed the new single and appears in the video, with Grog also confirming that she personally edited the band’s Wikipedia page “so you know it must be true.” “The Start or the End” was recorded remotely with Grog in L.A., Richards in London, and Bennet in Bologna, while the string arrangement – provided by Egyptian violinist Samy Bishai (Natacha Atlas) – was recorded in France.


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