Dec 2018 09

Die Robot to release latest album in music video form
It has been a momentous year for Portland, OR based electro/punk band Die Robot with a change in lineup to now include keyboardist Yvette Lera (Lick, Zilch) and guitarist Heath Nunes, live performances at PIGFest 3.0 and opening for the likes of The Birthday Massacre, Clan of Xymox, and God Module. On top of that, the band released its Technopunk album, first as an EP, and then as a full-length record in August, which also included remixes by Synth Witch, Particle Son, and RMLfx. Now, Die Robot continues to unleash Technopunk on the masses with music videos of every track on the album; “10,000 Years” and “Human Eyes” have already been released, created by DJ Kaoz – a resident DJ at the Lovecraft Bar’s Shadowplay night in Portland – with clips from various movies and animations, used with permission. A video has also been unveiled for the Synth Witch remix of “Virtual Life,” with a live clip of “Futility” shot during the band’s performance at PIGFest 3.0 being the latest release. Bassist Barbie Saint has confirmed that Die Robot will be continuing to release videos for the full album, including the cover of Public Image Ltd.’s “Order of Death” and the instrumental track “The Visitor,” throughout 2019. She also states that “Beautiful Skin” and “Virtual Life” are next in the pipeline.




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