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Over a year since the release of the band’s full-length Technopunk album, Portland, OR electro/punk act Die Robot has been on a continuous streak of activity with numberous live dates with the likes of Lazerpunk, Night Club, Rabbit Junk, and Abney Park, appearing on Riveting Music’s A Riveting Protest compilation, and ultimately releasing the Technopunk Remix’d on November 11. Available now in CD and digital formats via Bandcamp, the companion record showcases the remixing talents of Particle Son, Diverje, Omniphex, Neon Distortion, Antonym, Pyrolizr, along with longtime associates RMLfx and Synth Witch; the latter two artists have been featured on past releases, while several others of the featured remixers have developed followings in the Pacific Northwestern goth/industrial scene alongside Die Robot on and off the stage.

Additionally, Die Robot has announced a series of live dates for the upcoming new year; among them will be an appearance at the Planetarium Dome of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) on February 20, as well as San Francisco’s DNA Lounge on May 21. Confirmed festival appearances for 2020 include the fourth Dark Side of the Con in New Jersey from March 27-29, and The Goth Invasion of Portland at the Star Theater from October 27-29, with more yet to be announced. A full listing of live dates can be found on the band’s website.


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