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For the London industrial/metal band’s fifth album, Die Kur enters into a new phase of avant-garde and progressive experimentation. Comprised of three parts, the dystopian concept record Regime: The Unsettling March to the World Domination was first presented as a series of conceptual videos, now culminating in the full-length album released digitally on February 13 and available to purchase on Bandcamp; CD editions are scheduled to follow on February 27. Produced and engineered by founding member vocalist/keyboardist Ays Kura and featuring the full lineup of drummer Nicholas McBrain, guitarists Amadeus R and Tony Nash, violinist Takatsuna Mukai, and bassist Vanir Jr. Rodriguez, the album’s themes reference everything from the titular war machine to a chess game with the Devil, along with two ambient/industrial tracks recorded live in Camden’s Theatro Technis as part of the Puggo’s Dream theatre play, scored by Die Kur. Regime follows the 2018 EP All the Way Down to a New Regime, and marks the band’s first full-length album since 2015’s Manifesto, along with the 2019 live release of Die Kur Live at the Dome.



Die Kur
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Website, Facebook, YouTube
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