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The current state of global affairs has continually provided fertile ground for the industrial music scene with its long history of sociopolitical discourse and agitation of the status quo. Enter Canadian industrial act Di Auger with the unveiling of the music video for “Brave New World” off the band’s latest album, Under the Skin of the World; designed as a sardonic audiovisual commentary on geopolitical issues, the song and video present Di Auger’s view that despite humanity’s penchant for progressive idealism, we continually relive the past with unchanging and perpetually reactive ideologies. “We are one people, one race and we exist to perpetually destroy ourselves and erase our existence from this planet,” says Di Auger’s C. Lefort, further commenting that promise of salvation lies “under a unified umbrella as long as you stay in line and do what the government tells you, obey and don’t criticize, or comment, make a fuss, or subjectively analyze.”

The video for “Brave New World” was released on December 1; Under the Skin of the World was released on August 2 and is available digitally via Bandcamp, mixed, mastered, and produced by Live Evil Productions’ Sean Beesley.


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